Enterprise Mail & Package Tracking Within Your Organisation

Track Inside is a turnkey solution that gives you the ability to track and control the flow of objects such as mail pieces, parcels, packages, sensitive letters, reusable mailing bags etc. as they enter and exit your premises.

Track incoming and outgoing mail items and capture electronic proof of delivery

The ideal solution for incoming mail tracking


Companies that use outside staff to handle their mail, establishments such as hotels, universities and hospitals that receive mail and parcels for residents need to track incoming objects in order to minimize the risk of loss or non-delivery. Track Inside enables them to record all incoming objects, notify each recipient by email of the arrival of their letter/parcel, and capture the proof of delivery to the final recipient. It also makes it possible to count the objects tracked, and therefore to monitor the performance and quality of the mail service, or to invoice the services.


Banking, insurance and law firms handle, send and receive a large number of documents that are sensitive for financial or legal reasons. These documents require special care and total traceability to prevent loss or abuse and to control distribution channels and time limits. Once again, Track Inside is the ideal solution for tracking these objects, whether between departments or sites, or for tracking delivery by hand of a sensitive letter.


Stop wasting time trying to locate important parcels and sensitive mail items within your organisation. Track Inside will ensure that you have complete visibility of high-value objects as they move through your organisation.

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