Optimise even the most complex mail production processes

PrintMachine Professional is the perfect solution for businesses with large-scale, high-volume mail production and fulfilment operations.

The software lets you completely revolutionise your mail operations for maximum efficiency. With PrintMachine Professional, you get all of the benefits offered by this cutting edge suite of software solutions.

PrintMachine Professional helps you to get maximum efficiency from even the most complex mail processes

PrintMachine is state-of-the-art output management software to format the output of your business applications to achieve maximum impact on your customers and business partners.
What is more, document production, distribution, dispatch and archiving are all handled as fully automatic operations, together with mail optimization to minimize costs. Relations and communications with clients and commercial partners are too important to ignore.
In a nutshell: PrintMachine makes it easier for you to be closer to your customers and business partners –with an attractive, personal touch, thanks to quality documents that are sure to achieve the desired effect while simultaneously reducing costs.

Finance Benefits

  • PrintMachine allows you to optimise and enhance your mail output processes. The software will rationalise your mail flow, helping you to achieve significant cost savings. <a href="/node/428">Learn more...</a>

Marketing Benefits

  • PrintMachine gives you the ability to automatically insert relevant and timely transpromotional marketing communications into your day-to-day operational mail. <a href="/node/430">Learn more...</a>

IT Benefits

  • PrintMachine output management software has been developed to integrate seamlessly into your existing mail output processes, data systems and your IT infrastructure. <a href="/node/429">Learn more...</a>
Installing and setting up PrintMachine was easy. And by using the PrintMachine for BusinessBase XML Module, all the configuration and set-up can be done in PrintMachine without any need to touch BusinessBase.

Marcel Canclini, IT Manager


PrintMachine Professional allows you to


Optimise your document process on paper or electronically


Design your documents simply and flexibly


Make the most of printer features and performance


Select the ideal communication pathway


Benefit from automatic mail processing


Simplify your electronic archiving

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