Optimise your mail flow...

With budgets being scrutinised and squeezed from all directions, it’s critical to find any hidden costs, expose them and remove them from your business - fast.

Unstructured, ad-hoc mails processed by staff within office environments is astonishingly costing businesses millions every year through excessive postage costs, lost productivity, diminished control and rising operational spend.

Now with Inspire HybridMail, you can eliminate these hidden costs from your business with a single mouse click and start saving today.

A unique customer engagement platform

Inspire HybridMail is a next-generation print and mail management software that in 3 steps, centralizes the printing and fulfillment of everyday documents created by staff, giving you huge savings through bulk postal discounts and reduced operational costs, while also increasing staff productivity and document security.



GMC Inspire Hybrid Mail - Collect, Send, Track.



When mails created by staff across your business are printed to Inspire HybridMail, the solution automatically collects, checks, sorts and prepares the mails for centralised production needs.



Once in the correct format, Inspire HybridMail securely sends mail to be processed by any centralized production facility whether that’s your in-house print room or an external service provider. Mails can even be sent as emails if this is the preference of your customer.



The solution allows you to track exactly where each mailing is in the printing and delivery process. It then reports the status back to the sender as well as compiling the data into management reports.


  • Immediate cost savings of 60%
  • Reduce returned mail by 50%


  • Increase accountability and transparency
  • Increase control and reduce corporate risk


  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Get the right message to the right people at the right time


  • Save 1 workday with every 100 mails
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
The GMC solution fulfilled our document composition requirements. It has enabled us to meet the expectations of our clients with its flexibility and modular interface.

David Hamilton-Brown, Chief Information Officer, IFDS


The Critical Difference with GMC Inspire HybridMail

Adapts to your specific business processes

The solution is completely configurable to meet specific business and department processes and standards.

Allows easy changes whenever you want

Centralised intelligence allows changes to be made easily and quickly as your business processes change.

Handles all of your mailings in one click

Most systems are built for desktop correspondence. Inspire HybridMail’s strong document management capabilities will handle any volume so it can process thousands of mailings in a single click.

Rich functionality for value adding processes

Inspire HybridMail’s rich functionality brings value-adding processes. From precise address management, in-built sorting and consolidation, approval, ability to add enclosures and much more.

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