Global Customer Communications Management

This enterpirse level communication platform will completely transform the way your organisations connects with its customers. GMC Inspire adds value to every marketing, transactional or operational document. This powerful technology will bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to the way you contact customers, enriching customer insight by capturing, analysing and managinging responses to customer conversations across multiple channels of communication.

Enterprise Platform providing Multi Channel output via Print, Email, Web or Social Media

The digital revolution has changed the modern consumer. Your customers are better informed and more demanding. It's hard to build loyalty and even harder to keep it.
RELEVANT COMMUNICATION Customers expect personalized, relevant communication based on information that matches their current preferences and reflects their current situation. Communications that speak directly to individual customer needs will increase response rates. THE RIGHT TIME With busy lifestyles, businesses have much shorter times to capture the attention of their customers. Therefore, timing your communications to ensure it reaches the customer when they will benefit from it most, will boost customer satisfaction and increase marketing efficiency.
THE RIGHT CHANNEL Customers are always “on the go” and with the upsurge of mobile technologies they are active across many channels. They read their post, log onto their e-mails, visit social networks and read text messages everyday. Businesses need to engage customers across both digital and print channels to accelerate awareness and increase opportunities for engagement. GMC INSPIRE HELPS YOU DELIVER THE TYPE OF ENGAGING, RELEVANT AND TIMELY COMMUNICATIONS GMC Inspire has been developed with the goal of making every customer contact valuable for your business. With one of the largest in-house research and development teams in the industry, we are continually refining our solutions and setting the benchmarks for customer communications management (CCM).

Have Conversations

  • Use GMC Inspire to create responsive dialogue with your customers.

Manage Responses

  • Learn from what your customers are saying to build greater customer insight.

Use the Right Channel

  • Reach out to your customers via the channels of communication that are most relevant to them

Optimise Expenditure

  • Reduce costs and increase return on investment by rationalising and leverage your customer communications processes for maximum effect.

GMC Inspire Benefits

Native Multichannel Capabilities

GMC Inspire is built to handle both digital and paper channels. Whether it’s mobile, email, social media, web or paper, GMC Inspire creates, optimizes and delivers communications through multiple channels. 

Cloud Scalability

GMC Inspire’s ability to operate in a true web services environment means that it can be deployed easily into a private cloud or a hosted cloud. It can even integrate with other cloud-hosted services such as databases or CRM systems.

Effortless Legacy Migration

Most systems require legacy applications to be built from scratch, but this can be both time-consuming and costly. With GMC Inspire’s flexible architecture, you can transform legacy applications with color, variable elements, and even changing output channels, without having to redo the whole template.  

Lowest Defect Density

With GMC, we don’t hope for superior quality: we ensure it. Developed with worldwide ISO 9001:2000 certification and CMMI development methodology, GMC Inspire has the lowest defect density across many industries giving your business total peace of mind.

Single Scalable Platform

GMC Inspire is a single platform built with multiple, robust capabilities that can be customized to your specific business needs and added on a modular basis. Now your business can expect shorter implementation times, faster adoption rates and minimal training. 

Connecting Data Silos

GMC Inspire intelligently utilizes data from any enterprise system, databases, flat files and XML data sources without the need for hours of development work with 3rd-party products. 

70% Faster Time to Market

GMC Inspire’s unique object oriented architecture and workflow makes it easy for business users to quickly develop new customer communication templates giving your business increased agility and huge productivity gains.

Highest Volume Production

GMC Inspire acts as a solid backbone for all your customer communications. It’s been developed to maintain quality, consistency and speed at the highest volumes and levels of complexity. 

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