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Building Better Customer Relations

Neopost believes communication is more than a business transaction it’s a two way process, a relationship between people. If companies do it well their customers will keep coming back and both the bottom line and their reputation will grow. Read more about how Neopost is helping businesses in Northern Ireland to build better customer relations...

The Benefits of MailMark Franking Machines

From Monday 30th March 2015, the price of a first class stamp will go up by 1p to 63p and the price of a second class stamp by 1p to 54p. The cost of a first class MailMark frank is to rise by 2p to 51p and the cost of a second class one by 1p to 36p. But it's not all bad news. The new tariffs really highlight the benefits of MailMark franking machines...

  • Many companies rely of getting a signed delivery docket before they can invoice. This means that a lost docket or a misplaced proof of delivery slip can be a very costly and time-consuming mistake...

  • Neopost, a global leader in mailing solutions and a major player in digital communications and shipping services, launched a global rebrand in February 2015

Product Highlights

  • IS-480 Franking Machine

    A high performance franking machine with speeds of 150 letters per minute. Ideal for mail rooms and busy offices Offers a mixed mail automatic feeder that can accommodate up to C4 size envelopes as standard With the optional dynamic scales this machine can weigh and frank mail of mixed weights and sizes at amazing speeds
    IS-480 Mailing System & Postage Meter
  • DS-150 Folding & Inserting System

    Easy-to-load trays and an intuitive paper path help the operator to quickly get a feel for the system. Fast, easy access to all parts of the system reduces stoppage to minimum. High-capacity feeders, fast accumulation, and on-the-fly envelope loading - all save you time.
    DS-150 Folding & Inserting System

Neopost, Experts in Postal and Digital Communications & Parcel Delivery

We help businesses with their:

  • Electronic document creation and delivery with secure document delivery and customer delivery preference management
  • Print mail via mail preparation and optimization, print finishing and processing efficiency
  • Shipping & tracking with simplified & cheaper parcel booking and delivery

We also offer also a wide range of advisory, maintenance, financial and online services to help our customers adapt to a rapidly changing market.